The Way of the Warrior includes The Shaman, Tara and The Demon Slayer

Usan Rise of a Merchant

Yathâ ahű vairyô athâ ratush ashâtcît hacâ vanghęush dazdâ mananghô shyaothananăm anghęush mazdâi xshathremcâ ahurâi â ýim drigubyô dadat vâstârem!!




Praised since the dawn of time by the holiest sages and the most valiant warriors for aiding them in their battle against the arrogant demons, we humbly bow at your feet O' Goddess of infinite grace, beauty and wisdom




“When the raven failed to return I threw everything open to the winds. I made a sacrifice to the gods and poured out libation from the mountain top. Seven cauldrons I set upon stands and into them I heaped wood, cane, cedar and myrtle. When the gods inhaled the sweet fragrance they gathered like flocks of sheep to savor the sweet sacrifice. The lovely goddess Ishtar was the last to come. She lifted her necklace of heavenly jewels that was made by the god of the skies Anu to please her and said "All you gods present here today, by the lapis lazuli round my neck I shall remember these days as I remember the jewels around my throat and these last days I shall not forget. Let all the gods gather around the sacrifice except Enlil. He shall not approach this offering, for without reflection he brought the flood that consigned my people to destruction”.


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